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Sending a marketing campaign
Sending a marketing campaign

How to send a marketing campaign

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  1. Go to Marketing in the left hand bar -> Click New Campaign

  2. On the first page, configure your filters to decide who you are contacting or leave blank to send to all -> Click Next

  3. On the second page, choose whether you are sending a text, email, or both (if you select both clients will be prioritised for text and sent an email if they cannot receive a text) by toggle on your desired option(s) -> Configure your SMS and/or email content -> Click Next

  4. On the first page, Choose whether to send now or schedule for later -> Click Next

  5. On the final confirmation page

    1. Check who you are sending to. You can click the blue button to see the list of clients and remove those you do not want to receive the campaign

    2. Check what you are saying to them. You can go back and make edits or changes with the yellow button

    3. Click Run -> Click Confirm/OK

  6. Your campaign will send. On the main Marketing page, you can click the i to see tracking, the pink duplicate button to use this campaign again later, or delete the campaign. You can also rename your campaign by clicking the current name and typing to edit.

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