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Writing your marketing message - text
Writing your marketing message - text

How to write the best marketing message to send via SMS

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  • First, how to choose is SMS is the right choice

    • Email is free vs texts are paid for

    • Email is opened around 15% of the time, whereas texts are opened 97% of the time

    • Email can be as long as you want, whereas texts cost more the longer they are

    => The up shot of this is that you want different tools for different jobs. An email is great for newsletter, announcing new services, or general long form updates. A text is the right tool for messages you want your clients to read now! So offers or updates that are important they see.

In order to make your texts are effective as possible, first you want to make sure you're contacting the right people, Second, you want your content to be as clear as possible. Follow the three steps below and you'll have success!

  1. Personalisation - start the message with your clients name. You can use the merge fields to fill this in, and any other information that might be important! Theres a screenshot below to show you how to do this.

  2. Open with your offer - state what your client needs to know as the top line, sometimes people won't read a whole message unless they are interested so start with the most important thing

  3. Call to action (CTA) - what do you want your clients to do? Make it easy for them. Include your phone number, online booking link, or external social link where you want them to go

Here's an example

Hi {{client_first_name}}, 50% off all styling services when booked with a full price colour! Valid this week. Call {{salon_phone_number}} or click {{online_booking_link}} to book online

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