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Setting up your marketing campaign filters
Setting up your marketing campaign filters

How to filter which of your clients you are going to contact

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You can filter your clients based on two categories: their profile or their bookings

Their profile: when was their first booking, their last booking, how many times have they visited, and more

Their bookings: when did they or didn't they visit, services they did or didn't have, team members they visited, and more

The filters will combine so you can target your clients very specifically. For example, clients who have visited more than twice, previously had colour services, but not visited in the last 2 months. This is the example we will cover in the steps below.

You can also keep it really simple, just using one filter at a time. Tags are also a great way to simply target smaller groups of clients based on your own custom fields on their profiles or bookings.

Filters are designed to be read like sentences so you can check your filters are as you want them.

Let's get started on our example

  1. Go to Marketing in the left hand menu -> Click New Campaign

  2. Unless you want to contact all clients, click Add filters

  3. Under Client matches, you can select which property you want. For our example, we will select Lifetime visits. Click exactly and swap to more than, then set this to 2

  4. Under Client has a booking that matches, select fields:

    1. Service : select your colour services

    2. Status : Complete (Top tip: always selecting a status when filtering by booking will make your campaigns more precise)

  5. Scroll down and select Add filter and select Bookings

  6. Under this new Client has a booking that matches

    1. Swap Has to Doesn't have

    2. Booking date : less than 2 months ago

    3. Status : Complete

  7. At the top, you will see how many clients this will target and if you're happy click Next.

  8. Check out our next article to see how to configure the text and/or email of your campaign

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