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How to create a new consultation
How to create a new consultation

Creating a new consultation from a blank template with custom questions and settings

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Creating the form

  1. Go to Consultations on the left -> Click New

  2. Enter the name and description for your form -> Click Create

Form settings

  1. First, decide if you want your form to expire. If you do not click the expires box, clients will be asked once and then never again. If you do, enter how many days, weeks, or months you want the form to last.

  2. Second, decide if you need the form to be triggered automatically by services. If you do not select any services that require this form, you will have to add it to clients' profiles manually. If you do, select All services or Specific services. If you choose specific services, click Change and select the services or whole service categories you require then click Done.

  3. If you have selected all or some services, you can also decide if this is for all clients or just new clients.

  4. Then if the form will be triggered before or after the service and by how long.

  5. Finally, choose if you want this form to be automatically sent to the clients via SMS or email. If so, you can customise the message content on the left.

Designing your questions

  1. Once your form settings are done, click Add question

  2. Select your question type

  3. Fill in the question, this bit is required. You can then configure the additional settings, you can find detailed information on each question type here

  4. Add your next question and repeat until all questions are added

  5. Save

Editing your questions

  1. You can add questions using the 'Add question' button and remove questions by clicking the three dots in the top right of the question block then click Delete

  2. You can reorder questions using the up and down arrows on the left hand side next to each question number

  3. You can choose whether a question is mandatory or not based on the checkbox for this in each question box

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