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What is in the booking panel?
What is in the booking panel?

List of information you can find in the booking panel when you click on a booking

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When you click on a booking, the booking panel will open on the right hand side. This will contain information about the booking and also any other information you might need that will be helpful. You can find...

  • The previous and next appointment to the one you are currently looking at. If the next booking slot is empty, it means this client needs to be rebooked

  • Any client or booking tags

  • When the booking was made

  • If the reminder has been sent yet, if so when, and a way to send or resend it

  • The most recent note for the client

  • Any consultations required and if they have been filled in

  • If there are any prepaid bills or presaved bills, for example an online deposit or additional products already added

  • The quoted price for the booking based on your service list

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