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Changing the lengths of booking slots available
Changing the lengths of booking slots available

How to choose if you want to see and make bookings in 5, 10, 15, or 30 minutes increments

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  • You may want to change the slot lengths of bookings in your diary

  • If you have shorter services, a smaller slot length means you can book on more times in the hour. If you only do 30 minutes services, this option might be better for you - you can also see the whole day on smaller screens this way but you will lose detail on shorter services.

  • Changing this setting will not affect your current bookings times or duration. It will not affect your online booking slots, you can choose which slots are available online in your Settings, under Online Booking.

  • This is a user based setting so if you have multiple users each one can have this set for them individually

  • Go to Options in the top right -> Use the slider to choose which booking slot length you want -> Update

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