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Setting up in salon deposits
Setting up in salon deposits

How to configure automatic deposits for bookings made

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Activating your deposits

  • Go to Settings in the left hand menu -> Click the Bookings tab at the top

  • Scroll down to Online Deposits -> Select All Bookings

Deciding who pays a deposit

  • First, select either All clients or one or more of the following four options (New clients, history of no-shows/cancellations, last booking was a cancellation, last booking was a no show)

  • Next, under Booking Conditions set the minimum duration and price of the bookings you want to take deposits. If you leave them blank, deposits will be taken for all bookings that fit the conditions above. If you fill both in, both conditions will have to be met. If you only fill one, only that condition will need to be met and the blank condition is irrelevant.

Deciding how much they pay

  • Under Deposit, you can fill in the fixed amount box and/or the percentage box. If you fill one, then deposits will always be taken for this amount. If you fill both, deposits will be taken for whichever is higher for the specific booking.

Click Save.

To see how to set up your automatic reminder messages for deposits, click here

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