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Why is my gift card not working?
Why is my gift card not working?

How to work out why a gift card isn't working or loading when trying to take a bill

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  • We can go through a few steps to see why a gift card isn't working as you'd expect

  • First, go to the Gift Card section on the right hand side and search for the barcode you're using. If the gift card doesn't come up, this means that this barcode has not been sold in your system => Double check the barcode, double check the sale. Maybe the wrong barcode was used or a type occurred, maybe the sale was never registered?

  • Second, if the barcode you are using is coming up click on the entry and let's check the details. Is the card in date? Is it marked as active/in use? Is there balance on the card? If any of these settings are wrong, you can update them here. If there is no balance on the card, double check if it has already been redeemed.

  • If all of the above is correct, contact our support and we are happy to help!

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