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Linked or follow up services for Online Booking
Linked or follow up services for Online Booking

What is a linked service, how to set it up, and some examples

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  • A linked service or follow up service is a service offered after another service through online booking. If the first service has processing time then the follow up service would be put at the right amount of time after the first service ends.

  • You can have just one option for a follow up service or a list for your clients to choose from, but they must choose something to be able to continue with their booking.

  • You can set your linked services by going to Services in the left hand menu -> Click the service you want to set follow up services for -> Add the services you want your clients to choose from on the right hand side -> Save.

  • An example where this setting can be used would be styling services after colour or technical services. You might set the linked service options to be a rough dry, a blowdry, or a cut and blowdry.

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