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Setting up online booking
Setting up online booking

How to set up your online booking from start to finish

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Part One - Team

1. Go to Team and click on the team member you want to make available online.

2. Click Edit details.
3. In the Online section, toggle on the Available Online switch.

4. Click Save.
5. Online availability will be taken directly from rotas.

Part Two - Services

1. Go to Services and click on the service you want to make available online.

2. For general Configuration set if the service is Online On or Off. You can

determine for each team level or team member below if any of these need to

be set to Off.
3. At the top of the page you can add a description and a service prompt to

convey any additional information or alerts to clients.
4. If this service requires a follow up service, click Add linked service and

search then select the services to be chosen from ie for a colour service you

would choose a selection of styling services.

5. Click Save

Part Three - Online Booking Settings

1. Go to Settings and then Bookings. Scroll to the Online Booking section.
2. Toggle the Active toggle, and if required toggle the option below to make

your online bookings available from a certain date.
3. In the Timeslots section, select the appropriate option ie 10 mins would

offer clients 9.10,9.20,9.30... and 15 mins would offer clients 9.15,9.30,9.45... 4. In the Timeslots section, select the appropriate Optimal gap between

bookings ie 45 mins would offer your clients appointments without creating a gap of less that 45 minutes between other bookings so you can still make meaningful appointments in between.

5. Set your confirmation message in the text box to give your clients any further information before completing their booking.

6. Toggle the Cancellation Policy and select the timeframe after which clients cannot cancel their own bookings online.

7. Click Save.

Part Four - Online Booking Deposits

1. Go to Settings and then Bookings and scroll to the Online booking deposits section and toggle to Active if required.

2. Choose from the options : Always, Smart, or First Booking.
3. Under Conditions, you can enter if you only want to take deposits for

bookings over a certain value or certain duration. Enter any required values

in the boxes.
4. Under Deposit, enter how much of a deposit you want to take. This is either

a fixed monetary value or a percentage amount.
5. Click Save.
6. Go to Settings and then Stripe. Click Connect to Stripe.
7. Follow the Stripe sign up process to create the account which will manage

taking your online payments and payout to you.

Part Five - Online Booking URL

1. You can find your online booking URL in Settings and then Bookings under Online Booking, you can copy and paste the yellow link to any website, button, social media, text or email to distribute to your clients.

2. Scroll down to the Online booking widget section and you will find a code snippet you can copy and paste to your website to add the widget.

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