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Prices not updating to new settings
Prices not updating to new settings

Why might your prices not have updated to the new settings you've entered

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  • The best and clearest place to update your prices is under Services in the left hand menu. You can click on the service you want to update and then edit for all team members, specific team levels, or individual team members. If you're having a problem with a service, go to the Services page for this service to check the settings.

  • A price might not update if you change a setting on the whole service or team level, but the team level or team member might have a personal price on it that is overriding the new price.

  • You can remove this personal price by noticing which pricing isn't updating under Advanced Configuration or Advanced Team Member Configuration. Just click in the box and backspace so that the price you have entered from the tier up is inherited.

  • Another reason a price not have updated on a specific booking is if you clicked Pay and generated a bill before updating the price. Open then bill, click Delete Bill, then click Pay again to bring through the new price.

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