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Refer a Friend Scheme
Refer a Friend Scheme

How to set up and manage a simple 'refer/recommend a friend' scheme

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  • Once you have decided what your scheme will be, we recommend adding it to the footers of your automatic emails such as your reminders. You can do this under Settings -> Bookings -> Booking reminder -> Customise: email.

  • When a client comes in who has been referred, you can add a tag to the referring friend so you can give them a discount when they come in. You can create a tag by going to Settings -> Tags -> Add 'Referred a friend' under Client Tags. You can add it to the client's profile by clicking Edit. You could also make a note about which client it was.

  • You can add a discount to be applied by going to Settings -> Till -> Discount -> Enter the label and the amount to be discounted.

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