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How to set up consultations automatically sending
How to set up consultations automatically sending

Configure your forms to send via text or email, before or after an appointment, and the content of these messages

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Configuring form settings

  1. Go to Consultations on the left -> Click the form you'd like to edit

  2. Click Edit form in the top right

  3. First, if you want the form to send automatically, check this box on the right.

  4. Choose if the message is going to send before or after the booking. If after, set how many days after. If before, this is done on the main messaging settings in the next section.

  5. Customise the content of the SMS and email messages on the left, including the personalisation merge tags which will include your clients' names, the form names and the form links

Activating messaging

  1. When you are happy with your settings above, go to Settings on the left

  2. Go to the Bookings tab -> Scroll to the Consultation reminders section

  3. Turn on SMS and email and set how many days before -> Save

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