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Reports: your essentials
Reports: your essentials

How to use your reporting suite to find your essential financial information

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  • A good one stop shop for your financial information is your Finance Summary. Here you will find

    • Your team's takings - The default column will give you their net sales, you can click Expand to see this broken down into services and retail. You can use this figure to pay commission as it includes redemptions

    • Your salon's revenue - This is given in the sales section, broken down into what items you've sold. It will show the net revenue, then below will give the gross figure, and below that will show this figure including redemptions.

    • Your payment method breakdown - at the bottom, you can see how you've received your revenue.

  • Team Sales Breakdown will also show figures you can use to pay commission as this includes redemptions

Team sales' figures are different from revenue because they include redemptions (bundles, account credit, gift cards). While the business has not received more revenue. the team has done the work in this period so this is when they should be paid commission. The original sale of the item being redeemed will be shown at the time of sale under revenue assigned to the whole salon.

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