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November Booster Campaign
November Booster Campaign

November diary filler campaign

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  1. Select Marketing in the left hand menu -> Select New Campaign -> Click Add Filters

  2. Under Client Matches, select Last Booking from the drop down menu -> Click is Today and select Was

  3. Enter Last Booking was less than 9 months ago and click on the green cross

  4. Under Client has a booking that matches swap to Client doesn't have a booking that matches -> From the menu select booking date -> Edit to is in more than 1 day

  5. Click Next

  6. Toggle on SMS Template -> Write your template in the box -> Remember 3 core elements:

    1. Personalise

    2. Irresistible offer

    3. Call To Action

  7. Select Save and Next

  8. To measure your response enter a tracking period. We recommend 5 or 6 days for a November Booster campaign. It will display as 30 by default, highlight and overtype to edit -> Click Next

  9. For the campaign to run at a later date and time enter a date and time in Schedule for later -> Select Next OR To run immediately Select Run Now and Next

  10. Select Run ->To finalise select OK

  11. You can rename your campaign by highlighting the title and renaming 'November Booster'

  12. To track your response go to Marketing and click the information ℹ️on the right.

  13. Your campaign will expand and display net value of both pre-booked and secured net revenue spent by the recipients within the tracking period.

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