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Setting up client automatic messaging
Setting up client automatic messaging

How to configure your reminders, confirmations, and automatic marketing

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Part One - Booking Reminders

  1. Go to Settings, and then Bookings. Under the Booking reminders section, you can activate SMS and/or email by clicking the toggle, and defining how many days prior to the booking the reminder is sent.

  2. You can edit the content of the messages. For the SMS reminder template, make any changes in the text box making use of the personalisation options (merge fields). For the email reminder template, click Edit and then use the email editor to build your email, again using the Merge Fields to personalise your email. Click Save when exiting the editor.

  3. When you have made all your changes, click Save to activate your messages.

Part Two - Booking Confirmations

  1. Scroll down to the Booking confirmations section and click the toggle for the SMS and/or email confirmation to activate.

  2. Click Save.

Part Three - Relationship Based Salon Marketing

  1. For your automatic marketing, go to Marketing under the Smart Marketing section.

  2. Click the information symbol to see the details of the different campaigns.

  3. To activate, toggle on the campaigns you would like to run.

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