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Booking setting - services
Booking setting - services

How to add your services with their times and prices

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  1. Go to Services in the left hand bar and then click New and then New Category.

  2. Fill in the name and description where appropriate and click Save. Repeat for each required service category.

  3. Click New then New Service.

  4. Fill in the name, select a category, and fill in the description. On the right hand side, you put a prompt for online booking and select any required follow up services ie for a colour or technical service, you would select a short list of styling services for the client to choose from.

  5. Enter the times and pricing for the service below. If there is a time or price which is the same for all team levels and team members, you can put this under Configuration. If there are variations for each team level, fill this in under Advanced Configuration in the relevant team level section. Any team member variations can be done by opening the Advanced team member configuration section or in the team members who do not have a team level at the bottom.

  6. Click Save, and repeat the process for each service.

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