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Booking settings - team
Booking settings - team

How to add a team member, their service settings, and their working hours

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NB If you only have one price level for all team members, ignore the team level settings and go straight to Services to configure your times and prices.

Team Members

  1. Go to Team in the left hand bar and then click New and then New Team Level.

  2. Fill in the name and description where appropriate and click Save. Repeat for all team levels required.

  3. Click New and then New Team Member.

  4. Fill in the name, contact details, online bio, select the relevant team level, and activate for online bookings if appropriate. Click Save.

  5. Repeat this step for all members of your team.

Team Level Service Times and Prices

  1. In the main Team page, click the three dots next to the Team Level title and click Edit Team Level

  2. Click Manage Services

  3. Enter the relevant times and prices for this team level and click Save.

  4. Once saved, these settings will be applied to the team members in this team level.

Team Members' Working Hours

  1. Now click Rotas on the main team page. You will see a grid with a row for each team member.

  2. Click on the first relevant entry '+' for the first team member. If the first team member's first working day of the week is Tuesday, click the '+' in the Tuesday Column.

  3. Click Add working hours and enter the start and finish time for this shift in the given boxes.

  4. Click Doesn't repeat and change to Repeats. If the team member works an alternating schedule you can click the arrow to open the advanced settings here. Click Save.

  5. Close the modal to return to the grid and repeat for each working day for each team member.

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