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Selling an e-gift card
Selling an e-gift card

How to sell an e-gift card to be sent to the recipient via email

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  1. Go to Till -> Select the client (optional) -> Click Gift Card

  2. Either click Generate Barcode, scan the barcode, or type the identifying number in Barcode. If you generate the barcode, be sure to write it on the gift card or voucher so it can be identified when it is redeemed.

  3. Enter the card balance -> Click Recipient Details

  4. Enter the name and email of the recipient -> Enter a personal message to accompany the e-gift card

  5. Click Done -> Click Proceed

  6. Select payment method -> Click Complete

  7. When you click Complete, the e-gift card will be sent to the recipient

  8. Print or email receipt (optional) -> Click Done

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