Go to the Rotas section by selecting Team in the left hand menu and then Rotas.

Click on the entry for the team member you would like to change. To add a single or repeating of a certain weekday, click the plus symbol

To add working hours, click Add Working Hours

Specific the start and end time for this day. If this is a single day, you can click Save. If this scheduled day will repeat, click the Doesn't Repeat drop down and choose Repeat.

This will default to repeating the same hours on the same day each week. You can adjust this by clicking the arrow to see advanced options.

You can make the rota an alternating day by entering how often it repeats. You can set how many times you want this to repeat through the occurrences.

You can create temporary rotas (alternating or not) by setting an end date.

You can also post date the start of the change you are making.

When you are happy, click Save.

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