Go to Admin and choose Marketing

Select New Campaign

In Field below Client Matches Select Last Booking from the menu

Hover the cursor to the left of the cross and select the calendar

Click ON and select Between from the menu

In the from date enter the date 6 months (or your preference) and in the to date the date the team member left.

In Select Field below client has a booking that matches choose Team Member from the menu

From Team member is select the team member

To exclude clients who have visited since the team member left in Add Filter select Bookings

In client has a booking that matches click on HAS and select DOESN'T have from the menu

From Select Field choose Booking Date

Place the cursor next to the cross and select the calendar as it appears into view

Change On to AFTER in Booking date is

And enter the date your ex team member left and select Next

Add your text and or email template and select next

Enter your required tacking period, either Run Now or Schedule for Later and choose next

Select Run

And OK

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