From Admin panel select Marketing

Choose New Campaign

You can opt to edit the Campaign Name to make referencing more simple

Highlight and Enter a new Description, the select Add filters

From Client Matches Select Last Booking

Click on Last booking IS and choose WAS from the menu

Click on EXACTLY and choose LESS THAN from the menu

Change number to 6 and click on DAYS and select MONTHS from the menu

From Client has a booking that matches select TEAM MEMBER

From Team member is select REQUIRED TEAM member and then choose NEXT

To activate a text campaign toggle on SMS template start to Type your content using the Personalisation option if required

Complete your text template and choose Save to activate an email template toggle on Email Template and select Build your template

Build your email template, enter a Subject line and Save

Select Next

Select Run Now or Schedule Later, enter a tracking period and then Next

Select Run and then OK

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