From the Admin Panel select Marketing

Select New Campaign

Highlight the Campaign and add a memorable description for your Campaign

Select Add filters

From the Client has a booking that matches section click on Select Field... and choose Booking Date

Then Select field again and choose Status

From Status is choose Complete (this will ensure clients that have completed bookings will receive the message

Choose Next

Activate SMS Template and use Personalisation options to include fields like First Name

Complete the Text content and then select SAVE

Activate Email Template and select Build Your Template

Enter your email subject line (this is what recipients will see before they open your email) and then select Body from the right hand menu

Click on Background to edit your background colour

Edit Content width and font (if required)

Select Content and drag the image placeholder to the top of the template

Select Upload Image and upload your logo

Drag a Divider placeholder and position underneath the logo

Select the Divider to edit colour if required

Drag the Text placeholder and position underneath the divider

Start typing your text into your text box using Merge Tags to insert personalisation elements to your email

Select and drag the BUTTON placeholder and position underneath the first part of the email.

Edit the Text on the button to something appropriate (Google Review)

Select the Button & if required edit the colour of the background and or text

Highlight the BUTTON and enter your Google Reviews URL in the Action section of the menu See here instruction to get your reviews link if needed. Then close the panel

Drag the Text placeholder and position underneath your Reviews Button

Type the remainder of your email content

If you would like to add Social Icons and links to your email select Blocks from the menu. Drag the required Block placeholder and position below the email text. Blocks will ensure your email is responsive making your email look good on mobile and desktop.

Drag an Image Placeholder into each block

Select each block and upload the required social icon.

To resize the icons uncheck Auto Width from the menu and use the slider to edit

Select each icon and enter your social URL into the Image URL field. This will allow your recipients to navigate to your social platforms from your email.

Go to Blocks, drag the single block and position underneath the social icons

Position the Text placeholder in the single block

Enter your opt out link using the Merge Tags option *this is a legal requirement when sending marketing messages

Highlight your opt out text and reduce the font size to create a more subtle presence.

Select Preview your email

In Desktop

And Mobile

Select Save

Choose Next

Choose Run Now or Schedule for Later

See your final text and email preview and choose Run

Select OK to finish

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